When we deal with your personal information, rest assured that we are fully committed to User Data Protection for duly protecting and respecting your privacy. The privacy policy outlined below details all the information we collect about you, how we use and protect this information, and your rights related to this usage and protection. Should you have any question with regard to how this information of yours is used by us, please do email the same to us at info@mohaneyeinstitute.com

The Following Personal Data Is Collected And Used By Us

The reasons for which we use your personal information and data are outlined below. Most of this data will be collected by us directly during the admission or registration process. However, it’s possible that there may be some personal data that will be indirectly collected by us, as will be shared later in this privacy policy undertaking

Your full name, complete physical mailing address, email id, mobile and landline telephone numbers, gender and date of birth.

Your current and all previous records of medical health, whether provided by Mohan Eye Institute or any other hospital or third party.

The terms and conditions of our contract with you for providing healthcare and all allied services.

If you pay us directly, then your financial information which includes your bank account number. On the other hand, if the payment for your treatment is taken care of by a third party, which may include insurer or sponsor, complete financial information of the respective third party.

All information related to your marital status, nominated dependents, next of kin, and details of all persons to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Information related to your health or medical condition, including details of any disability you may have for which we have to make reasonable adjustments.

Information about your family’s health and medical condition.

Information which you may have shared in any surveys, complaints, equal opportunity monitoring, insurance claims, ethnic origin information, religion, belief and sexual orientation.

Information on your usage of our website.

If you are an employee of Mohan Eye Institute, we will additionally collect, hold and process all information which is directly or indirectly related to your employment, Our Human Resources team will be happy to share a copy of the Staff Privacy Notice.

If you are a doctor or healthcare provider not employed by Mohan Eye Institute, we reserve the right to process and hold all information to the clinical services carried out by you. If you need further information, the same can be obtained from the Chief Executive Officer of the facility or your clinical contact in the hospital.

Data that we collect may also include images of you in person captured by the CCTVs in the hospital premises, as integral to the security measures of the building which houses our hospital.

Mohan Eye Institute may collect your personal information and data in the following ways

  • Data shared on Admission and Registration forms
  • Data available on documents shared by you such as driving licence, passport, pre-admission form, online web forms which you have completed before the commencement of your treatment.
  • Data shared by you in all online and offline correspondence with us
  • Data shared by you during the registration and admission procedure, personal interviews, meetings and all other virtual and physical interactions.

We may also collect pertaining to you from third parties like referral agencies, insurance providers and law enforcement agencies.

This data also includes IP Address, browser type and operating system. We may also have in our possession, your Personal Information from third-party Service Providers or a data source that is publicly available.

Providing Your Personal Data

If sharing some personal information with us is optional, we will inform you about the same, including asking your prior consent before processing the respective data. Apart from this, in all cases, we will need you to share your personal data for enabling us to provide you with the required treatment and care and subsequently receiving payment for the respective treatment.

Monitoring Of Communications

With due adherence to all relevant applicable laws, we may monitor and record calls, text messages, emails, social media posts and messages and all related communication of our staff members, with respect to our dealings with you. Our objective of doing this is to ensure that our standard of care is appropriate, for full compliance with all regulations, self-regulatory practices, detection and prevention of crime, and protecting the security of our communications systems and networks. Checking and preventing sharing of unlawful, profane and obscene content, for staff training and quality control, and keeping a record of all conversations between us. Along with the above, we may continuously monitor all activity on our systems and network for all legitimate reasons and fully meet all legal obligations as per the law of the land.

Personal Data Usage And Legal Basis For Process The Same

Subject to all data protection laws, we may share your personal data with the following entities or under the following circumstances:

  • Healthcare professionals including doctors and medical consultants who treat you at our facilities
  • Other healthcare providers whom we feel will improve and enhance the quality of your care
  • Subcontractors related to the medical field who we feel will help us increase the quality of your healthcare
  • Other persons and companies which are providing extended healthcare to you
  • Our advisors in the legal field and our auditors
  • Fraud monitoring, credit checking agencies and debt recovery agencies
  • All government agencies for any lawful requirement
  • In any emergency that is necessary to protect your personal and professional interest
  • For protecting the integrity and security of our business and operations
  • When we sell, re-structure or re-organise our business or merge it with any other company Online and offline payment service providers
  • Those private entities reviewing the cost and quality of privately funded healthcare.

Sharing Your Data For Research Purposes

As part of our User Data Protection policy, only after your written consent, we may share your collected data with verified agencies for scientific research purposes.

Sharing Your Data For Marketing Purposes

Fully subject to your communications preferences we may utilise your data to regularly mail you newsletters and other relevant information on our new treatments and services, which we feel may be to your interest. Under no circumstances, will we ever sell or transfer your data to any third party marketing entity without your express written consent. At any point in time after giving your consent, you are free to withdraw your consent, should you wish to do so. This will in no way affect the quality of the healthcare services we provide to you.

We may also share your Personal Information with our group companies or trusted Service Providers for, supplementing the information shared by you to us in order to offer you better service, conduct statistical analysis, provide assistance in marketing, host the website and index user profile pages along with user names as an integral part of the URL and customer support activity. Such third parties are expressly prohibited from using your Personal Information in any manner whatsoever, except for purposes for which they have taken prior permission and, furthermore, it is mandatory for them to keep your information strictly confidential.

Children’s Personal Information

Mohan Eye Institute does not knowingly collect any Personal Information from children who are under the age of 18 years. If you are less than 18 years of age, kindly do not share any Personal Information of yours through our website or any of our services. We strongly encourage parents and legal guardians of those individuals less than 18 years, to regularly monitor their online usage patterns and browsing behaviour, and assist us in successfully enforcing this privacy policy by expressly instructing their children never to share any Personal Information on our website without their prior permission. If you believe that a minor under 18 years of age has shared any Personal Information with us on our website, immediately contact us at info@mohaneyeinstitute.com, and we will make all possible attempts to delete that information and remove the child’s account from all our databases.

Retention of Personal Information

We retain all the Personal Information that you have shared with us only as long as your Account is active or is required to provide the necessary service or meet with our legal obligations, maintain regular financial and other records, successfully resolve disputes, and legally enforce our agreements. If you wish to end your relationship with us or mandate us not to use your Personal Information anymore, you may please send us a mail to that effect at info@mohaneyeinstitute.com. We subscribe to the highest standards of User Data Protection processes.

Use of Cookies & Similar Technologies

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Social Media Features

Our website includes social media features, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and multiple interactive mini-programs. Wherever you have given us your consent, these features may obtain your IP address and the pages you are visiting on our Website. They may also set a cookie or cookies for ensuring that the feature functions properly. These social media widgets and features are either hosted with a third party or directly on our Website. Please note that all your interactions with these features are fully governed by the privacy policy of the company providing these features.

Contact Us

If at any point in time, should you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or the data or information we store about you or you want to ensure that the data held with us about you is accurate and updated, please contact us at info@mohaneyeinstitute.com

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Mohan Eye Institute fully reserves the right to supplement or modify this Privacy Policy at any time as per their express decision, without informing the users of this website. If and when we make any change to this Privacy Policy, we will immediately post the change on the Privacy Policy section of our website.