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10 Tips for Healthy Eyes

The eyes, these susceptible and indispensable sensory organs, serve as a portal to behold the world in all its splendid magnificence—a privilege for which we remain profoundly grateful. 

Nonetheless, in the era of relentless technological advancement, our eyes labor under tremendous strain, owing to extended engagements with digital interfaces, environmental pollutants, and various other tribulations. These limitations conspire to enhance the strain endured by eyes in general. Being visually impaired or facing issues related to sight can be extremely nerve-wracking. Therefore, effective measures must be adopted so that we can maintain healthy eyes throughout. 

Should we aspire to withhold the health and youthful luster of our eyes, it becomes necessary for us to follow a specific maintenance regime daily. Being negligent of these factors can adversely impact the overall health of your eyes, which may in the long run compromise your overall vision.

In the ensuing post, we shall delve comprehensively into ten preeminent methodologies for preserving healthy eyes. Moreover, we shall explore the alternatives for ocular wellness within the best eye care hospital in Delhi, spanning the discovery of the most apt ocular physician and the optimal ocular care facility.


  • Recommendation 1: Opt for Regular Eye Checkups

Making an appointment for routine eye exams is one of the most important requirements for maintaining eye health. Following a routine examination plan gives us the ability to identify and prevent a variety of eye disorders. 

It is advised that a yearly visit to the best eye specialist in Delhi can help you overcome sight-related issues with absolute ease. During these tests, the eye specialist will measure your visual sharpness, your ocular tonometry, and the overall health of your ocular anatomy. Timely identification of eye conditions is essential for effective treatment.


  • Recommendation 2: Sun-proof Your Eyes

The ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the sun can cause a variety of eye conditions, such as cataracts and macular degeneration if they are exposed to them for an extended period. It is necessary to equip oneself with UV-enhanced sunshades as a preventative strategy. 

To achieve the highest level of protection, choose sunshades that provide complete protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Ensure to conduct thorough online research to identify the best sunshades that meet all your requirements.


  • Recommendation 3: Giving Hydration Importance

Individuals must give hydration priority to mitigate issues concerning dry eyes effectively. Ensure to include a sufficient amount of water-based food in your diet and also set alarms that alert you to drink water every hour. Individuals must drink at least 4-5 liters of water daily. Staying hydrated offers additional health benefits as it replenishes your skin and also keeps your vision in check.


  • Recommendation 4: Adopt Smart Practices

A growing concern called “digital eye strain” has been affecting individuals of all ages. This issue primarily exists due to the increase in the usage of mobile and other digital devices. Following the 20-20-20 rule is advised to lessen the strain and anxiety this causes. 

At each 20-minute interval, a 20-second break should be observed, in which the eyes are focused on anything that is 20 feet away. Adjusting the screen’s brightness and posture is essential to prevent bright incandescence and maintain ergonomic posture. This strategy should be adopted by working professionals who are exposed to digital screens for long hours.


  • Recommendation 5: Consider Quitting Smoking Habits

All of the body’s structures, including the retina, are negatively impacted by smoking. It increases the likelihood of developing eye conditions like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and optic nerve disorders. Giving up this harmful behavior improves not only an individual’s overall well-being but also enhances your quality of sight. 


  • Recommendation 6: Upgrading your Lifestyle and Managing Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension have a profound effect on eye health. To prevent ocular problems, it is essential to effectively manage these disorders through medication regimens, lifestyle changes, and routine medical examinations. Mohan Eye Institute, the best eye care hospital in Delhi recommends individuals facing vision-related issues make small yet effective changes in their lifestyle.


  • Recommendation 7: Maintaining Proper Hygiene Standards

Following diligent hygiene standards is essential in preventing eye infections. Thorough cleaning your eyes regularly is a great practice. It is not recommended to share towels or eye makeup as the chances of eye infections significantly increase. When handling contact lenses, individuals must ensure to sanitize their hands and clean the lenses thoroughly before making contact with their eyes.


  • Recommendation 8: Following a Healthy Sleep Cycle

Enough sleep is essential for maintaining the general well-being of your eyes. Deeper sleep phases allow the eye organs to self-nourish and self-repair to counteract any damage incurred during the day. Individuals are recommended to sleep anywhere between 7 to 9 hours for adequate functioning of the human body.


  • Recommendation 9: Staying Active Throughout the Day

People around the world are caught up in a rat race to succeed in the corporate domain. Our professional responsibilities have compelled us to remain within the confines of the office space. This monotony has to be broken as it affects our health adversely. 

To ensure healthy eyes and overall well-being, individuals must dedicate at least 150 minutes every week to staying active. Therefore, be sure to take short breaks by opting for morning walks, a quick exercise routine, and including yoga in your lifestyle.


  • Recommendation 10: Seeking Assistance from the Best Eye Hospital

For the preservation of healthy eyes, choosing the best eye care hospital in Delhi plays a crucial role. A hospital that provides a wide range of ocular services, including routine eye exams, specialty eye care, and eye surgery, should be sought out. The evaluation of this request should be based on factors such as the hospital’s reputation, the expertise of its ophthalmologists, and the testimonies provided by its patients.



The visual senses are of such exceptional significance that they should be treated with constant respect and consideration. By adhering to these detailed guidelines for eye health, one can significantly increase the likelihood of maintaining their vision intact for as long as possible. Join hands with the Mohan Eye Institute team to get the best solutions at affordable pricing points.